We come to the client’s support by taking over the activity of recruitment and selection of personnel using our own methods, database and our networking.

Working closely with our clients, we have a deeper understanding of the challenges and their specific recruitment goals to provide the best solutions to our clients and ensure that we find the most suitable candidates.

We address companies looking for skilled and unskilled workers in Asia and abroad. All Asian and foreign personal recruitment processes will be carried out according to established procedures with employers, so that they will always be up to date with all the activities that are carried out.

We ensure the quality and matching of the candidates, with consistent standards and professionalism, depending on the skills required.

if you want to help you recruit workers from india, sri lanka, vietnam, please CONTACT US

The principles that guide us in our activity are innovation, rationality and respect for clients, which motivate us to offer reliable and high quality services.

We are present on the Human Resources market to support the partner companies in choosing the most efficient solutions, but also to provide the candidates with the necessary assistance in obtaining a secure job and, of course, in building and developing a successful career.

Our high standards promote a list of applications based on a consolidated reputation and quality. Our team makes every effort to work honestly, effectively and to maintain the best connection between employee and employer.

The services offered by our company are in accordance with the laws of the Romanian state regarding the right of employment of foreign citizens on the Romanian territory.

JR Recruitment comes to your support with complete services in the field of recruitment and supply of labor force from abroad, while also giving you the necessary consultancy to carry out in such legal conditions.

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