Recruitment of asian employees
in restaurants

JR Recruitment provides you with recruitment services for workers brought from asia to restaurants, to meet the needs of employers with an asian workforce.

Recruitment of asian employees in restaurants

Asian workers are the quick solution to the problem of staff shortages for restaurant companies, for example. JR Recruitment is a recruitment agency and serves employers in Romania with recruitment services for Asian chefs and ancillary staff in restaurants. For more information on recruiting cooks and ancillary staff, contact us!

In addition, Asian staff will give an exotic note to the location, enhancing the company’s image and attracting more customers.

We collaborated with our partners in the field of HORECA and together we formed teams of cooks, cooks and dishwashers. The teams can be mixed, respectively made up of NON-EU citizens and Romanian citizens, as well as, after a period of preparation and adaptation to the local standards, exclusively made up of Asian citizens.

Within the restaurants with Romanian specific, we recommend you personally experienced in international cuisine that subsequently have to benefit from a training period in which they will become familiar with the specific of the Romanian cuisine.

Workers brought from asia for restaurants

Asian cuisine is known all over the world, and Romanians are great gourmets, while many of the restaurants face a crisis of jobs.

It is difficult to find skilled people who work in the kitchen and who dedicate themselves to the activity, and the main problem is the creation of a stable team, which will not break up after only a few weeks or months.

Instead, you will find the solution here so choose to hire Asian chefs to meet the need for workforce for restaurants, confectioners or catering companies.

If you want to recruit asian staff in assistance / care, please contact us

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