Recruitment of asian employees
in hotels

JR Recruitment offers you asian personal recruitment services in hotels, to cover the needs of employers with asian workforce.

recruitment of asian employees in hotels

The Asian workers represent the quick solution to the problem of the personnel shortage for the companies in the HOTEL domain, for example. Thus, unpleasant aspects such as absenteeism, low productivity or personnel fluctuations are eliminated.

According to the latest statistics, the turnover of the hotel industry is 2 to 3 times higher than that of all other industries. Despite this, hotel employees leave their jobs for several reasons, but the main cause is the inferior quality of the selection system.

Essentially, the hiring process must ensure that each candidate fits in perfectly with the company culture and that they are suited to the hotel profession. To address these key recruitment challenges in the hotel industry, we are focusing on personal recruitment in Asia and trying to apply the most modern recruitment and employment methods in ASIA. We use marketing tactics for recruitment, we improve the ways of evaluating candidates from non-European countries and we are with employers and candidates until all formalities are completed.

Room cleaning employees from asia with experience

In Asia, tourism is developing strongly, which is why the people here are very well trained, being serious and prepared to work in better conditions available to them in Romania. Wages are higher, and with the income earned here they can ensure a better life for their families.

Recruits experienced housewives from Vietnam

Hiring Asian housekeepers for cleaning companies, which carry out their activity with a sense of responsibility. Because in Asia the hotel field is so well developed, and people have a wealth of experience in this regard, and they are willing to work in Romania.

We help you with all your personal recruitment needs from Asia and in this way we will help to develop the tourism field in Romania, which has a lot of potential, but which is not reached for several reasons, including lack of experience or experience. dedication of Romanian workers.

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