Recruitment of asian employees in cleaning/ housekeeping

JR Recruitment offers you asian recruitment services in cleaning / housekeeping, to cover the needs of employers with asian workforce.

Recruitment of asian employees in cleaning / housekeeping

The area of the personnel for cleaning and cleaning, in fact the whole area of the unskilled workers, tends to become a difficult problem for many Romanian companies.

Asian cleaning workers are the quick solution to the problem of personnel shortages for HORECA companies, for example. Thus, unpleasant aspects such as absenteeism, low productivity or personnel fluctuations are eliminated.

When it comes to cleaning, whether in domestic, industrial or public areas, Asian workers make their presence felt. Asian housekeepers are hardworking and devoted, and modesty, empathy and care for details are qualities that they recommend for this area of activity.

Finally, JR Recruitment’s mission is to help candidates and companies achieve success by taking up jobs in a variety of business sectors.

Recruit experienced housewives from Asia

And the cleaning companies have been greatly improved in recent years, so you can orient yourself to a well-trained staff in this regard. We recruit asian staff cleaning/ housekeeping for cleaning companies, which carry out their activity with a sense of responsibility.

Staff for cleaning in hotels

Asian staff is suitable for this area which involves a lot of patience, thoroughness and availability for repetitive tasks. The success of the hotel business can depend on the level of cleanliness very often.

Asian workers with experience

In Asia, tourism is developing strongly, which is why the people here are very well trained, being serious and ready to work in better conditions available in Romania.

Wages are higher, and with the income earned here they can ensure a better life for their families. As a result, they are recruiting hoteliers from Asia for the hotel industry, and they are very pleased with the work environment in our country.

Personnel for cleaning in commercial spaces

Cleanliness in commercial spaces is especially important as it is their business card. Its lack can lead to loss of customers and, consequently, bankruptcy.

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