Recruitment of asian employees
in agriculture

JR Recruitment offers you recruitment services for asian workers in agriculture to meet the needs of employers with an asian workforce.

JR Recruitment is an agency specializing in Asian staff recruitment in agriculture and beyond. In recent years, Romania is losing a mass loss of those who want to work in agriculture, which is why we focused on international recruitment.

We come to the assistance of the employers in Romania with proposals of Asian personnel in agriculture based on the complete package of services we offer.

Recruitment of asian employees in agriculture

We focus on Asian personal recruitment in both qualified and unskilled agriculture, as the agricultural industry offers a wide range of career opportunities. Agriculture comprises a vibrant sector of agri-food supply with machinery, crop protection products, animal feed, fertilizers and seeds. Another area of ​​agriculture is the one processing the cereals, milk, meat and vegetables, these are to be sold to the final consumer. There are also opportunities in the world of agricultural research and development, for example scientists working to find solutions to the challenges that farmers face on a daily basis in terms of disease management or production stimulation.

Agriculture in Romania needs farmers, producers, distributors, researchers, traders, advisors, technologists, techniques and experts in logistics, and Asiatica Recruiting supports the development of agriculture through efficient international recruitment solutions.

Hiring asian workers for farms and gardening

Recruit Asian workforce for factories and other companies in agriculture, forestry and livestock even full time. In this way, the problems brought by less experienced workers are avoided, which never guarantees that the two days will be at work.

Asian animal care recruitment for farms

We handle recruitments from several countries, such as India, Vietnam or Sri Lanka, and because Asian workers come from environments where a well-paid job is a real privilege, they choose to work in Romania where they have security from all points. of view.

It hires forklifts or tractors from Asian countries for agricultural land processing in all kinds of projects.

We also provide experienced gardeners who can be involved both in the residential environment and in the commercial centers where any space is beautifully arranged.

If you want to recruit asian staff in assistance / care, please contact us

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